Flies for Rivers

Flies for Rivers is a great site with some kick ass flies, for rivers.

Mostly an east coast slant as Buck ties flies for rivers he loves. Buck lives in Boise and ties for his local rivers in the West.

If you want to turn back the clock and fish some classic patterns, well tied classics…then look up Flies for Rivers.

A beautifully designed and built website will keep you going back for more. Check out the Blog here for cool updates and fishing related blog articles.

Flies for Rivers

David Stenstrom photo credit

Our traditional patterns respect time-proven design, using modern materials to increase durability and performance. These offerings are the highest-floating, most aesthetically-pleasing flies available.

Our Scorpion and terrestrial patterns mark dramatic improvements in realism, setting a new benchmark for craftsmanship and performance on selective trout in the most demanding situations.

All flies are tied on razor-sharp hooks by Tiemco, Gamakutsu, or Partridge using the highest quality natural materials, or degradable synthetics where critical to performance. We think you’ll find our flies are unsurpassed in quality and your time enriched by joining our cause.


Buy a dozen of any size mayfly, wet, or terrestrial to receive a glass display vial in appreciation of your support for our future fisheries.

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