Experience Fall Fly Fishing in Montana.

Welcome to Headhunters. Our Fly Shop is the center of angling activity on Montana’s world-famous Missouri River below Holter Dam. Located in the riverside village of Craig, our shop is at the center of a great fly fishing community, and a reach cast from some of the best hatches in the West. Our fly shop was built on customer service, and our team is here to provide you with a memorable experience. Whether you need guides, gear, info or lodging, you’ll get the best of it at Headhunters. Combine our great hospitality with the best fishing Montana has to offer, and you’ll understand why our customers return year after year.


“The Missouri River below Holter Dam holds trophy trout and produces amazing hatches. Our season is long by Rocky Mountain standards. You can have great fishing from April through November, and it’s not too bad the other 4 months. There’s a funky little trout town that revolves completely around fly fishing. These are a few of the things that drew us here, and keep us attached to the Missouri River year after year. If you’ve been here, you know. If not, then you owe it to yourself to experience this world class and unique fishery.”

-John Arnold / Mark Raisler, owners


Missouri River Early September Fishing Report

Missouri River Early September Fishing Report

September weather is here and the daytime highs are in the 70′s and sometimes 60′s. We would rather it go that route than get back into the 80′s. We are happy to move out of August and into the future....
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Labor Day Rocking 80′s Video

Loverboy for Labor Day today with Everybody’s Working for the Weekend from ’81. It rules. Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day that did not include much labor. Fishing we hope. Endure the first two minutes of rock and roll...
Dewey, Ben, and Peter Go Golfing

Dewey, Ben, and Peter Go Golfing

A cool article written by Dewey a Headhunters All Star about the weekly trial and tribulations of folks in the fishing game. Dewey is our resident Safety Expert. His background dictates he fills this position. Ben and Peter? Their backgrounds?...


Want to see what the late summer fly fishing is like on the Missouri River? Mark, Braden and John hit the Trico spinner fall on the Missouri River. This is one of our favorite hatches to fish, and it’s as strong as it’s been in many years.