10 Questions with Chef John of Izaak’s

10 Questions with Chef John of Izaak’s

Izaak’s Restaurant of Craig Montana is open for business this summer. The familiar full parking lot with smoke wafting from the large box smoker out back along with Scotty behind the bar crafting cocktails and pouring Montana’s favorite Micro’s

Summer hours currently Wednesday thru Sunday 4-9pm.

SOL sat down with Chef John for a quick conversation before dinner service with a delicious house made Margarita from the bar in hand…

John is pretty excited about the fishing this summer. A streamer fan followed by a dry fly guy Chef is truly here for the fishing. Fortunately the side effect is Izaaks of Craig.

10 Questions with Chef John of Izaak’s

  1. Favorite Five Flies? Zirdle Bug, Zebra Midge, Firebead Ray, Sowbug, Micro May…Little Green Machine. Any dries? Buzzballs, Griffith’s Gnat, Midge Cluster, Parachute Adams.
  2. Favorite Dish? (on the menu) Our wings are pretty special The marinating, smoking, and frying…that along with the spicing, makes them quite unique. The brisket too is fabulous.
  3. Favorite Reach of the Mo? Currently Craig to Stickney. Short but ohh so sweet!
  4. Why did you move here to Craig? The quality of lifestyle, the fishing I became addicted to in Park City in the late 80’s, and totally ruined my life. And Craig was on the list. I used to drive to the Mo from PC in the middle of the winter, and fish below the dam for a couple days, and get back in the car, drive home and go to work. Ski for a couple weeks, work, and head out fishing. And sometimes, I came to the Mo. And then, like you and many of my friends Squeeky, I now live here. And fish here. Lots.
  5. What is next for you Chef? Semi retire and work at a restaurant. I have managed restauants, large institutional op’s, and owned them. I’d like to work in one now, and not own it!
  6. Would you change anything if you had to do it all over again? Shoulda married the boss’s daughter. I had ‘er, and let her go, or ran from the alter. So, it may have been a great decision.
  7. I know that your favorite band is the Grateful Dead. Best Dead Memory. Madison Square Garden, 2nd row, 7th show…I mail ordered tickets, we did not even know we had tix so close. I could see the emotion in Jerry’s face, body language.
  8. Fav Dead Tune (right now) Throwing Stones.
  9. Do you think Dead and Company is helping perpetuate the music? Fuck yah. Kicking ass. John Mayer is incredible.
  10. Looks like your core front of house crew is back again this summer. Yeah, so fortunate to have this dysfunctional family back again this year. The river makes it all worthwhile. The river, the ecosystem, sharing your river with your friends, geese, dogs, other anglers, floaters. It drives me everyday. I find energy from the river. How about the back of the house? YEs, my core is still here with a couple additions as well. We strive to the best we can man. We truly care and are trying. We work really hard.

Some of Headhunters favorite Izaak’s items include the Baby Back Smoked Ribs, Smoked Buffalo Wings, Meatloaf w/ BBQ Glaze, Walleye Fish and Chips, Wedge Salad, Home Made Ice Cream or whatever is on the daily fresh sheet.

We’ll have a couple memorable meals again this summer ordering from the daily specials sheet. Take a look at it when you arrive and order away!

Thanks to Izaak’s of Craig. We look forward to summer on the porch, live music, and more BBQ!

Izaaks of Craig is looking for a few more team members. Great starting wage along with meal, including working on the banks of the Mighty Mo. Want to be a trout bum? Live in central Montana. Get your life right? Call Chef and take the next step to happiness! 406-235-3456

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