10 Wednesday Thoughts from Squeeky's Vapid Head

10 Wednesday Thoughts from Squeeky’s Vapid Head

10 Wednesday Thoughts from Squeeky’s Vapid Head

Pretty empty up there.

As you may know one of my favorite Dead lyrics is…Thinking a lot about less and less. Truth right now as we move into the latter throws of July.

Parked on fish, snacking hard, thinking about less and less, and the 10 below yesterday on the river.

  1. You gotta cast at the fish for them to eat.
  2. You gotta throw a reach mend if you want to get lots of fish to eat the fly.
  3. No sir, it’s not the fly.
  4. Orange Tic-Tags are way better than any other flavor.
  5. If you let Sour Patch Kids, the guide sized big bag, lay out in the sun on the boat deck too long, they all melt together. Then you have to eat them like a fruit bar. But better. Not as sour though. Which is worse. Not enough of the citric acid enhanced granular sugar exposed. So, not really as good.
  6. Of the packaging varieties  of Coca-Cola I rank them in this order. Ice cold in the glass bottle, now known Mexican Coke, but what avid Coca-COla drinkers remember as American Coke, #1. The second being fountain over ice in a glass with a bit too much pre-mix plus a bit too much fizz. I like the kick on that version, being #2. Number 3 has to be iced cold in a can. Chug it for the big bite as us Coke lovers love. Last in the line is the plastic bottle presentation. Is Pepsi better than Coke in the lame plastic bottle? No, but a distant 4th on my very valid list.
  7. I wonder how bad the headache would be if I huffed Fly-Agra.
  8. The individual shade provided by a sun hoody is fantastic. A golf visor coupled with the omni-present fishing guide sun protection hoody provides unparalleled shade providing  mental acuity.
  9. CDC flies are not for every angler. Poly is good for the other set.
  10. Overcast warm summer mornings allow the fish to feed with reckless abandon. And that is pretty neat to observe. You learn the most by watching fish behavior. Watching fish feed is really cool.

That’s it for this Thursday morning. Back on the river today. Again. I guide about 31/2 days a week, but in July I get out there most every day. Enjoyable. Truly a treat to be on the Missouri River for the best in dry fly fishing.

As Ninch says…The fishing is as good as you are.

Slack line reach mends are imperative for catching more than the occasional trout. You gotta cast at the fish. Well, only if you want to catch them. Those who like to drift it 12′ to said fish don’t have much success, ever. Those anglers who like to toss the fly at the trout, do way better man.

TGITHURSDAY. It’s awesome here. Dry fly mania.




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  • Re # 5, try a bag of gorp with chocolate in the back of your vest on a hot day.

  • Sensai- Had to pull off yesterday to meet some fellows for some high lake stuff in the Beartooths. Thank you again for letting me wash my boat and for your hospitality, that shallot burger set the new standard! I’m gonna try to get back to Mother Mo before I leave out next month to get back to work.
    To your list above, here’s my number 11: Whilst you are anchored off waiting for the fish to rise, use the time to tell stories about previous marriages, horse trailer wrecks, parties from back in high school, etc…Thank you again Mark, I consider you a friend. Best regards, dan from ohio

  • ThePharmacist
    July 26, 2018 7:29 pm


  • #5, watermelon? Always in our boat. If can get to them just before succumbing to the sun, the best. Just shove handfuls in and let the saliva glands in the back your mouth start gleaking.

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