12.18.21 Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

12.18.21 Fishing Report Headhunters Fly Shop

All good here on the Mo. Cold. Snow filled. Cold.

Fishing pretty well this week and for the holiday weeks ahead. Shop open daily 8am. loser on Christmas Day, the only official day we are closed annually. Gotta rest sometime.

The water temps have plunged as they commonly do at this point in December. Currently holding below 40F. 38F. Fell through the 40F mark rapidly. Now the swing is good!

Winter techniques apply from this point forward. Nymphers seek the deep and cold and slow ass water on the other side of the river. Not the hard banks. Nope. Slow, deep, slow, unappealing normal winter water.

Pink and sow bugs will get you through. Stop in the shop for your winter update as you visit the Mo the next couple weeks.

Call today for XMAS GIFTS. We will get it in the mail Monday!!! Santa Helper Hotline 406-235-3447

Swingers enjoying the solace and the winter period. Leeches, Skagit systems, tips with some weight. Look back on Swinging with Dick a couple posts back for the inside info. And of course stop in as you head out for the skinny on the skinny water and where to go, what to do, how to proceed.

Dry fly guys counting the days until late February for the midge appearance. Let’s hope.

Strippers have to slow it down now. The water temps will slow the metabolism of our trout and you have to oblige. White is good in the winter session. Kreelex, Dali Llama, Goldie, and how about chartreuse? Black? Again the up to the minute fishing report from the gang at Headhunters will give you the upper hand on the river. And with the only shop open daily you can stop in for free hot coffee, great river info, the latest on the right flies, and XMAS GIFTS!

Give us a shout, get a shuttle, get some hand warmers, get yourself a new rod, that fly line you know damn well is needed.

For the rest of you dream about the Mo next year. Book your guide and lodging today. Don’t wait. Why what. Do it today!

That is all for now. Have a great week ahead. We’ll be here holding it all together in snowy and cold downtown Craig MT!

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