2023: Remaining To Do List

2023: Remaining To Do List

A few things to get done before we tear the final page from the calendar. We still have a couple weeks left in the current year and why not scratch these items from the list before we head into 2024?

Gather up the broken fly rods and send them in to the manufacturer for repair. Much easier to do this today, than 2 weeks before fishing season kicks off next year. And, the return time during this period, non fishing season, is much faster. The rod companies in April, May, June are backed up with lots of last minute those in need of rod fixing anglers. Do it today! Go online, download the form, and pop your rod tube in the mail. Many manufacturers only require you send the broken portion, or some no rod returned at all! Get it done today!

Shop at your local fly shop, HEADHUNTERS FLY SHOP IN CRAIG MONTANA, for sale items, gently used demo rods, and discontinued products. Save a bundle before the ’24 season! Just give HH of Craig a call and we will save you some dough during this historical speedy time of year!

Buy a Practice Fly Rod and kick some freaking ass out there on the water in ’24. You want to make your fishing partner jealous? Make her jaw drop at your casting prowess? Alarm your fishing guide that you did, yep, you did take 10 minutes a week to catch more fish? Practice rods will help you with your fly cast. Not practicing, not improving, will just let you replay this years action. If you are comfortable with performing at the same level, skip this step.

Buy an Adipose FLOW Drift Boat at Headhunters. FOR SALE $16.5K 2023 Adipose FLOW Drifters. Diamond Wrap Shoal Cut 9′ Sawyer Oars, spare oar, floor mats, pedastal seats, anchor, anchor rope, spare tire, two roller trailer. 2 for sale at HH of Craig. Had some tire kickers as of late. Nobody to pull the trigger yet. Call Mark at 406-459-8739 or the shop for add’l info and pics. These two are as clean as we have ever had. Between 75-90 user days on these two skiffs. Full retail for a new Adipose Flow is $18.5K and up. Save some money, and stuff that drifter under the tree for your family this Christmas season. Now that is a good start to the new year!

Get a couple Just Add Vise Kits and round out your fly boxes. All you need is in the kit including hooks and materials for 25 flies. In store and online. These popular fly tying kits representing the most popular fly patterns for the Mighty Missouri River, and beyond. Just Add Vise kits here.

2024 Goals: Start thinking about the one, or the many goals for the coming year. Never too early to begin the trolling ideas around in your brain.

Book 2024 Fishing Trip: Speak with your fishing pals, your wife, and the Headhunters Bookng Agent for lodging and guide trip plans for next year. Want to come in June, July, or September? Now is the time to finalize as many opportunities are passing you by.

Never too early to plan. Never too early to fantasize about freely rising brown trout. Never.

Dances of Sugarplums, rods, and reels, and the solace that pre-planning can give you!


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