29 Reasons to visit Missouri RIver Montana

29 Reasons to visit Missouri River Montana

We know you have your own reasons for visiting Montana’s Missouri River every year.

Here are a few more reasons to visit this summer. Plus, you need to try out that new Sage R8 on our hard fighting jumping Rainbows!

Or that old 7 weight that has not met its match wrastlin’ a deep diving bulldog of the legendary Missouri River Browns.

How about the quiet mornings waiting for spinner falls. Raucous nights in the small fishing town of Craig.

Recognizing fabulous water as you float downriver.


“I remember that flat…yah, lots of noses there last year.”

Memories live a long time in our fishing minds.

Make some more memories this year on the Mo.

  1. Big Brown Trout
  2. A river designed for swinging your Trout Spey rod
  3. Shots @ Joe’s Bar
  4. Chucking Big Streamers, or small leeches
  5. The Missouri River Canyon and all its scenic glory
  6. It’ll be your 1st time. Or your 27th. Either way, perfect
  7. Sipping Trout
  8. Tricos
  9. Mad Caddis Hatches
  10. Hoppertime
  11. Brown Drakes
  12. Early mornings; being first to the boat ramp
  13. Laughing with friends
  14. Fishing with your son or daughter
  15. Learning a new knot
  16. Sighting, casting, hooking, landing your 1st dry fly fish
  17. Being part of the Craig fishing community
  18. Beers on Headhunters Fly Shop porch
  19. Pitching your favorite Missouri River Guide or fishing partner, shit
  20. Chasing bobbers getting the net wet
  21. Izaak’s of Craig
  22. 5 weights
  23. Best River Town in Montana
  24. Wade fishing flats for miles
  25. No trees on your backcast
  26. The funnest fly shop in the tri-state area
  27. Fall colors
  28. Winter angling in a run by yourself
  29. It’s your trip. Your annual trout trip. You deserve it. Enjoy Montana’s Missouri River. Book early.

Call today or plan your fishing trip over the holidays as you meet and greet your good friends and families. Decide on a time for your adventure and let us help get you into the right lodging and guides to make you Missouri River vacation a success.




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