3 Hot Missouri River Rigs for the Weekend

3 Hot Missouri River Rigs for the Weekend

3 Hot Missouri River Rigs for the Weekend

We have not turned the corner but the daily river reports from anglers up and down are becoming more consistent as we move beyond the first week of September.

We love September here at Headhunters because it signals he beginning of the 3rd season. Not yet winter, thankfully, but the weather becomes much more agreeable for all.

Swinging will soon be in our thoughts but until the weeds completely remove themselves from our daily battles we will focus on the task at hand.

So why not check out the 3 Hot Missouri River Rigs for the Weekend below. Fish them and we will then see you dancing the night away at tonights big fundraiser and Craig affair with 710 Ashbury playing on Izaak’s Log Jam at 6pm! 

  • Deep Nymph Rig. The most common length at this flow is 5′ from bobber to split shot. Worms, larger Czech Nymphs, Crawdads, Zonkers, larger PT’s and Hare’s Ears representing the Callibaetis nymph monopolize the upper position. The second fly is commonly a Zebra Midge. Red is in these days from Red Zebra’s to Ninch’s Ball Gag to Red Copper John to Red Headed Step Child or your own home brew. Smaller derivations of the mayfly nymph are making their way into our thoughts and fly fishing rigs again as the baby BWO is on its way. Lots of them subsurg=face along with the fall favorite Sow Bug. Hope you stocked up on our 50% off fly sale we just had last weekend. Sows never fall from favor.
  • Short Leash. 2′-4′ from bobber to bottom fly. Small bobber. Make sure it lands softly, quietly, stealth like. Tungsten lead fly like the Hare’s Ear, a Peep Show, the entire cadre of Czech style heavy nymphs, an October Caddis or a SJW. Then tie off anything you like. This fall you cannot go wrong with any one of your favorite mayfly patterns for the BWO. Pearl LB’s, Purple LB’s, skinny PT’s, S & M’s, Micro Mays, LGM, Two Bits, sows, scuds, RS2’s, Cheesemen Emergers, Zebra’s, Disco Midges, or anything toy in your box. Tiny is key. Throw it in the best looking seam water you find or drop off near the secondary shelf lines, banks, etc.
  • Double Dry Fly Rig. I like the October Caddis up top with either a micro Buzzball or a Callibaetis Spinner hanging 24″ from the lead fly. John would encourage the Callibaetis Cripple, solo, blind…or to rising trout. Searching this rig in 18″-36″ of moving water can lead to some mid day successes. If the hopper ain’t working for you can look toward this rig. Flies that will bring these early fall roamers to the surface include the aforementioned Rocktober Caddis, larger adams, Callibaetis Crips and Spinners, a 14-16 Brindlechute, a 14-16 skittering tannish caddis…

Those are a few suggestions for the weekend. Stupor hot flies include the Brindlechute, Calli. Spnner, October Caddis, any killer parachute 14-16. Do it. Fish it. Learn a few things out there. Try something new. Try a new reach. Fish the same reach but water you have never fished. Mix it up.

See you in front of Izaak’s groovin’ to 710 Ashbury @ 6pm.


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