5 Easy Winter Tasks

Missouri River Winter Fishing today on the Headhunters Blog with 5 Easy Winter Tasks. While at home dreaming about fishing there are some tasks you can accomplish setting yourself up for the coming season.

In many parts of the country you cannot fish all 12 months so you may need something to keep your mind in the trout arena.

5 Easy Winter Tasks

  1. Organize your fly boxes. Cut all the tippet material from those double rigs. Toss the shitty flies with rusted hooks, broken hackles, bleached or dust ridden flies. Sometimes it is time to rid yourselves of a few bad, old, broken fly boxes. Is this the year?
  2. While wade fishing this past fall I noticed significant leaking in my waders. Nothing like 34F water temps to get your attention. Patch your leaky waders. Follow the steps outlined by SIMMS here in this video. It is easy. Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and liberally coat the inside of the waders. The leaks will show up as dark spots. Fill with Aqua-Seal and lie them down on a flat surface and wait over night.
  3. Cast. Practice 10 minutes a week. I dare you…you may actually become better than your neighbor.
  4. Clean your fly reels. Some need grease or lube, some don’t. Warm water, a towel, some rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Don’t do this on or near your new couch. Your wife will appreciate it more. The garage with your new Christmas flask, your puppy, and some killer AM jams. A good post football activity.
  5. Plan a fly fishing trip with your kids. To the local pond, your favorite stream, or to the  Mighty Missouri River. Just do it. Plan it today.

5 Easy Winter Tasks for you and your family. Just takes a few minutes and you will be rewarded this year. Just do it.

Trust me, I’m a guide.


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  • This one is also fairly simple – check wading boots: remove the in sole and rinse off including inside and out of the boot / check molded rubber areas – they can separate over time – clean and dry and seal back up with GOOP can help sometimes to lock ‘‘em back together – clamps help 😀 / clean out dirty boa ratchet mechanism and check laces for frays – yanking on a frayed lace might send you to the ER in a bad mood – replace the laces and adjust so the length is even on both sides when you crank it down. Or just buy some new boots!

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