5 for ’23

  1. Clean your fly lines. #1 tool to get you to float higher! Mend easier. Cast farther! Do you change your oil frequently, enough? New tires on your ride? Do you wear clean underwear? Do you wear a t-shirt 22X between cleanings?
  2. Buy/replace fly line. You like new socks? Remember that feel of new socks? Imagine a new fly line? Ohh, so sooo sweet! New fly lines make all of us smile!
  3. Check your medical kit in your boat/car. Updated medical kits are important for you and your friends. Seriously, check on this one and update if needed.
  4. Photograph fishing license/cell phone. Buy a new license this year. Montana licenses expire the final day of February. Get a new license and take a phot with your phone. Then, you will always have it.
  5. New Anchor Rope. Attention boat owners. How about a new anchor rope? Look at your current one and make the decision. New ropes feel better on your hands. New anchor ropes do not have flies attached to them. New anchor ropes hold better. Diameter, etc.


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  • Barry Walker
    April 10, 2023 7:06 pm

    Go find a double taper line. The Mo is a mending river…you don’t need that weight-forward line for the cast. That thing will hurt you in the mend…get the double taper and mend better!

  • dan from ohio
    April 11, 2023 9:52 am

    LOL- I thought I was the only guy with some bugs stuck in the anchor rope! I really should bend those barbs more often…

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