5 Missouri River Summer Nymphing Tips

5 Missouri River Summer Nymphing Tips

  1. Fish summer water. No soft insides, no slack ass water. Fish quicker oxygen filled runs.
  2. Summer fish love the caddis fly.
  3. Run without the split shot. Let it all hang out there with the swimming caddis roaming the undulated riffle runs of the Mighty Mo. Water levels are below 5K and the subsurface structures are readily apparent. Decipher the magic in the color lines, patchwork subterranean tapestry…find Valhalla below the surface!
  4. Venture beyond the shorelines. Find those famous center river bars and subsurface structures where those fish reside during the hotter months.
  5. Fish water that you usually don’t fish. Finds new territories. Greener pastures.

Flies for the splitshotless gang include the Quilldigon, Tung Jig in several flavors, Frenchie, Hodek’s Tung Jig, Holo-Point, PeepShow, Tungsten Redemption, Weight Flies.

Swinging flies beyond the sinker fly include any Caddis Pupa, Little Black Mo, LGM Purple, Little Green Machine PT, Split Case, Translucent Pupa tan or BRown or Olive, Silvey’s Pupa…


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