5 Tips for early fall Missouri River Fly Fishing

5 Tips for early fall Missouri River Fly Fishing

5 Tips for early fall Missouri River Fly Fishing

A few reminders, tips and techniques to get you off the ground this fall. The Missouri River can hand your ass back to you this month. Pseudo’s are out, the weather can be foul, and your new office friend who said he can row real good…can’t.

5 Tips for early fall Missouri River Fly Fishing

  1. Wander out to the river. Primary word in this sentence is wander, slowly. The trout do not wake up real early during the fall time period. Noon is not too late. The baby BWO’s come off late int he day. If you are a dry fly guy, wander. If you like the short leash? Wander. If you like Streamer fishing, you should go early.
  2. Streamer anglers have an opportunity to fish all kinds of water without feeling summertime pressure. Pretty roomy out there. Fish the shore if you wish, the center of the river and cool mid river structures and bars, and find those primary and secondary shelf lines for fall streamer hook-ups. Fishing early will give you tons of room, a quiet river for sure.
  3. Fish eat the nymph at many locations including not the dam. You too can find the fish on a nymph other places than the dam. All the way to the bottom. The canyon, and upriver too. The canyon will light up this fall. It has been fishing strong all year long. A great canyon year, 2016. Soon it will be full of juvenile trouts. Lots of them. They race to the fly before the big dogs can get a good look at it.
  4. Start in the morning with a long nymph rig. 4, 5, or 6′ form bobber to split shot is common. Fish the big deep runs, slides, and drop offs until the bugs begin to show. Then trade out the big ugly floaty bobber and pinch a couple on. Remove the split shot and toss that short leash into the sexy waters.  Certainly more later this months and beyond on the short leash.
  5. An Adams with a small mayfly dangling off of it can work miracles. Or go without the dropper. October Caddis, Callibaetis, or that Adams can be a ton of fun. Go dry and you will be rewarded.

A few reminders for you this Monday morning. The weather today is terribly shitty. Or seasonable. Like we stated the last week of July we think there will be an early fall. Maybe even an early winter. This weather may be part of that. Rainy and snowy today, with some killer north wind.

Stop in and see the full array of fall and winter clothing at the shop. A wide selection of seasonal flies from the biggest streamer selection to all out your favorite techy dry flies.

Lighter pressure on the river this September. Quite nice. Come out and find some solace this fall on the Mo.

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  • Mark , you write a great blog , I read / enjoy it daily ! Keep up the good work !
    Mick Mickelson

    • Thanks Mick! Trying to keep the info coming daily. Sometimes trying, but never too hard to write a fishing report! We love doing it. Thanks for reading…Mark

  • I’m planning a fly fishing trip soon with my dad. I always loved going when I was a kid. Now that I’m older I can actually research into it so I can contribute. You gave a good tip about when I should go, like if I’m into streamer fishing.

  • Great tip about ‘wandering’ down to the river. There is nothing worse than getting to the riverside and watching a prize fish shoot off into cover, never to be seen again. Keep posting the tips, Mark.

  • Agree with the comment above regarding wandering… great description. While there are a lot of options in fall, to me, nothing beats swinging big flies through runs and waiting for an arm-jolting strike.

  • WOW, this is insanely informative! I too, have hopped on the fly fishing train and I am SO glad I did. Thanks for sharing. Once you start with fly fishing, it’s impossible to stop =)!

    Great post! You killed it! And I’m so glad you are finally on board with fly fishing- yay!

  • Stoked to come across these tips, going to be putting some of these tips to use next time me and the little fella head down 🙂

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