5 Tips for Missouri River Mid June

5 Tips for Missouri River Mid June

5 Tips for Missouri River Mid June

Yes there is dry fly fishing. Not all day long yet, but that is coming.

Missouri River water flows are fluctuating between 5K and 7.5K. Will we see lower flows? Oh yes, soon. Meaning this week of next. It will be falling as the month progresses. The lake is in good shape, the inflows are gushing in and dry fly fishing flows are around the corner.

Meaning this next week.

But we do have dry fly opps out there daily. Look for tips below to get you on your multi-faceted fishing game the upcoming week.

  1. Get the net wet. Nymph in the morning.
  2. Streamer fishing is an option. And, a good one. Only if you like bigger fish though. Fish your intermediate sink tips and get the fly to the fish. The Golden Rule is: If the fish do not see the fly, they have a harder time eating it!
  3. Tossing your shorter nymph rig, 4′-6′, to the shore produces lots of medium sized browns. And you lose some gear. And you may find that jewel hanging out foraging for a worm or something.
  4. Fishing inside out is in fashion too. Want to go deep and stay there. Good idea. Deep nymphing is the way to produce all day long. Sometimes. Remember to engage in your fishing day. If your rig an’t working, you gotta change something. Weight, depth, pattern. Those are the only three components that we can control. The rest is up to the trout!
  5. After lunch go Headhunting. You may find a few bruiser browns looking skywards. This is my favorite week of fishing. Yep. My favorite. I love to fool brown trout on PMD’s. Big Brown Trout get really dumb on the PMD. Yep. My favorite week.

Come on out and visit the MO. The rest of the state is shaping up as far as the flows. We are too. We are heading into dry fly Valhalla for the next 8-10 weeks.

Need a guide? We have the best in the canyon. Need a rental boat? We have them too. Need current and honest river information? You know it, head over to Headhunters of Craig and get yourself set up.

Headhunters open daily 7am til about 7pm. Free Wi-Fi on the porch. Free coffee every morning. Your information source on the river. Let us know how we can help!



5 Tips for Missouri River Mid June
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