5 Tips for Late Summer Fly Fishing Success

5 Tips for Late Summer Fly Fishing Success

5 Tips for Late Summer Fly Fishing Success

Here we are approaching the end of summer and we bring you 5 Tips for Late Summer Fly Fishing Success. The Missouri River will stump you if you do not do the right thing. Most of the time. But if you stick to the skills that brought you to the show you will be rewarded.

Below a few more tips for your trout catching enjoyment.

5 Tips for Late Summer Fly Fishing Success

Clean Fly Lines. I state this all the time. Because the fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. I clean fly lines in my boat daily. Clean fly lines are better than new socks. We love the RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette. Available at all fine fly shops for under a buck. The best investment in your day…beyond casting lessons.

Be first to the fish. Rising fish can be scarce in late summer. Get there first. Early bird style. Get out early and enjoy the spoils of 1st to the fish.

Cast that hopper/ant/terrestrial fly a long ways from the boat. 20′ will not do. 30′ is better. 40′ will get you more action. 50′? Yep. Even more successes. Also, become that sitting angler in the boat. If the enemy cannot see you he is more apt to eat the fly. Stealth is required in fish catching behaviors in late summer Montana.

Wait for the hook set. God Save the Queen is the most famous of all of the waiting cadences. But you can make up your own. Once had this gal, a super fun group, who said “Brian Kinney is an asshole.” That was her waiting statement. It worked. What is yours? That was a co-worker of hers. You certainly be too quick on the hook set. Those fish are confident in their rise attempt here on the Mo. Let them eat it.

Enjoy your surroundings. Release the fish with care. Fight quickly. Reduce the grip and grins. Look around and find those baby deer with spots. Minks. Turtles, the Golden Eagles passing through. A nice time to be on the river in Montana.


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