7 September Missouri River Tips

7 September Missouri River Tips

  1. Enjoy the outdoors. Colors changing, weather changing. Enjoy your friends. Whiskey is a nice liquid to harbor in your flask. Bring your JetBoil too. For the coffee.
  2. Dry fly caddis if you dare. Blind it out there in damn fishy water. 18″-36″ of water is a favorite hang for our trout.
  3. October Caddis come in September. Skitter it if you can. If you can’t, don’t. I’d try the canyon reach. Or lower. But not bad action in riffles and runs anywhere this next wk. Before the snow.
  4. The dam is good. Zebra’s are king.
  5. Callibaetis are out there. Feed it to large fish that have their pants down. Catch them.
  6. Fish a streamer even in the bright sun. Off and on great streamer success this autumn. If you don’t fish it often try it, if you do, carry on.
  7. Fantastic autumn weather here. Cool nights and air temps in the mid 70’s for the afternoons.
  8. Look us up for hot coffee and WiFi after fishing this weekend. Or before.

And that is it today. Enjoy!  We are not finished with summer here in Craig, but Mother Mo may have other ideas.

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  • Point number 6 – cool to hear things about reading water! As fun as the catching. The drug. As important as the casting. Trumps the best flies because dead water turns no fish …… . Keep that stuff coming!

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