A little bitier every day

A little bitier every day

The dictionary said that bitier is a word. I thought so. The fish are a little bitier every day. And that is good.

Pretty soft bite the last couple weeks with consistency just not there. We think that may be changing. Let’s hope so.

The weather will be warm again for the coming 10 days with not one night falling towards the freezing mark. So no snow.

I’m sure we will have some wind though.

Nymph bite is the most consistent of the disciplines. Zebras, BWO nymphs, Callibaeits nymphs, October Caddis nymphs are all on the menu. Deep in the morning and short in the afternoon.

The streamer bite is better. Mornings are good with the low angle of sun or focus on the shadows while you can. White has been good for the author with browns and yellows and golds along with olive and black rounding out the line up.

Dry fly bite is anemic. Blind fishing can get a couple. Don’t miss the bite when it happens. They come in spurts. With long periods of nothing in between. Gives you time to perfect your tight loops bro.’

Anglers fishing all reaches now. No longer is a dam only show. Thankfully. Fish where you want. Weeds are not bad at all. Some think they are. But not for here. Some years much worse. Like the past two. Snow, and weeds then. Wind, warmth, and no, or little, weeds now.

We are enjoying the weather while dreaming of more seasonable weather. It’ll come.

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