Adipose Boatworks Helena Montana

Adipose Boatworks Helena Montana

While we love a ton of fly fishing products you could assume that we love a few even more.

Adipose Boatworks in Helena Montana is definitely one of them.

Tracy Allen and Mike Ward have done a bang up job manufacturing The Adipose Flow.

Adipose Boatworks Helena Montana
Tracy at the helm

You can actually see our Adipose love from the number of boats in our Craig Montana yard. Most of our guides rock the Flow with Peter Skidmore owning the 2nd Flow off the line 5 years ago. Now he is on his 3rd and still loving it. John Arnold had an early Flow as well. Now you can see over 10 Adipose drift boats on any given morning at Headhunters.

A few new things happening at Adipose this spring. My last visit Mike and Tracy filled me in on new additions and updates.

Locking hatches is the first one. Now you can insure your gear stays put with the locking hatches. Cool!

Side Anchor system for those who dig that sort of thing.

Adipose Boatworks Helena Montana
Rod cushions

Rod holder cushioning. Add this for fly rod health. Anchor cushioning as well.

Some sort of Pro-Lok Edge Oar System  which is a graphite high speed oar system that is integrated with the oar locks…super slick deal, lightweight, killer.  You will have to call the shop in Helena and speak with either Mike or Tracy for more info!

Last year we saw metal casting stanchions securing the knee braces. Floor mats fore and aft. Additional oars. An updated oar lock selection. Jack stands, spare tires, drift boat trailers…and more.

All kinds of cool boat stuff at the shop in Helena. Boat buckles, oars, locks, advice, plugs, Torqeedo electric motors, boat straps, anchors, ropes, Adipose Montana Canvas boat covers and the list goes on.

Adipose Boatworks Helena Montana
Locking Hatches new for 2015

Call and visit the boys anytime for a visit to the stuffed boat lot. Spec boats available today and for the near future. They do slide off the lot this time of year. Call the shop if you need to special order an Adipose Flow and arrange your new drift boat.

We are the Adipose Demo Center on the Missouri River. Call Tracy or Mike and arrange a trial on the Missouri River here in Craig. We also have a couple Adipose Boats for rent. These go fast so get your reservation in the books today at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Visit the Adipose Boatworks website here.

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