All good in this fishy neighborhood

All good in this fishy neighborhood

Thursday today. The Headhunters Dry Fly School is picking off tonight and we could not have planned for better timing than we did.

Did we know that the 2019 summer would bring strong dry fly fishing? Nope. But we have been saying our Dry Fly Prayers.

And they have been answered.

Who did we bow our heads to?

Mother Nature of course.

We are thankful, excited, and fortunate to live and breathe the Headhunting Life!

Expect more dry fly fishing for the next month ahead as we are enjoying the front end of the Trico Hatch.

Daily spinner falls of PMD’s as well. Caddis? Yes. Sally’s? No more really. Drakes? Gone. Trico’s? Here.

We how also have a good Spruce Moth event happening as well.

Ants and hoppers too. Whoa! String up at least 3 Dry fly rods to get you through the day.

What to tie on your dry fly rod? A budget of opportunities will present you with the dry fly conundrum.

Don’t pull out your hair. No. Execute better drag free drifts.

And don’t foul it up early in the casting session. Bad drifts alert the enemy of your existence. Don’t let ’em know you are in the neighborhood. No.

Nymphers are getting it done as well with caddis pupa, PMD nymphs, Trico nymphs, Zirdles, crayfish and more!

Dry Fly School kicks off today at 4pm. Want in on our next school? The Headhunters Sub-Surface School has 4 more openings. Book your trip today and if you need additional info email Mark @

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