April 28th Missouri River Fishing Report

April 28th Missouri River Fishing Report

Shit hot short fishing report today this Thursday in late April.

BWO’s: Top to bottom. Hatch generally in the afternoon, but yesterday started about 937am and did not stop.

March Browns: Yep. This is a short lived hatch and when you blink it will be gone for another year. 7-10 days of this bug on the Mo.

Midges: Daily.

The nymphing game got silly few days ago and will not slow down for some time. Short or long or medium depth. You find ’em and stay on ’em. April is good. May is ridiculous.

The dry fly game? Oh, pretty good. Those who stay on course can find them all day. But that does not mean nymphing and then stopping and then nymphing and so forth. Key words here are stay on course.

Streamer fishing: Not as good as we want it to be. Most are nymphing and dry fly fishing.

Weather: Seasonal. Finally. In one word? Perfect.

Summer Flows? Getting stronger everyday this week. And some of last too. Keep those 80F days off the books for a while.

Water Temps: Back down to 46F.

Water Flows: 4300cfs

Big Sale: This weekend at Headhunters Fly Shop in friendly downtown Craig Montana. Clearing it all out. If it ain’t new we don’t want it. But maybe you do. Details very soon.

Sunday May 1st: McCune-Gould Sustained Anchor Spey Clinic. A couple spots left for the only Rocky Mountain stop this year! Well worth your while. Call and get yourself some kick ass spey-education.

SIMMS: Glad I was wearing Gore-Tex this week. Rain is no contest for the SIMMS Gore-Tex partnership. #forgettheforecast # Coldfeetareforweddings

Hours: 7am til 8pm. You all day long fly shop. Nighttime too…

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  • My rare comments supporting the subjects of Marks daily reports are always too wordy and too long. But, hell, did you ever meet an old guy who gave a shit what YOU thought?
    “Shit hot” is Marks opinion. He’s right a lot. I fished in the rain and snow and cold for the last 5 days. He’s right a lot.
    I listened to a newspaper reporter interview the late, legendary Dan Bailey and the reporter wondered how Bailey could abandon an honored professorship, career and the hallowed Catskill streams for for a shop in Livingston, Mt.
    Bailey replied ” an angler may think he’s picked a great day to fish but he has it wrong. The few incredible moments are out there and the angler has to choose to be
    there as well. I code to be there. ”
    I say call in sick, get here a sap and fish the Mo’. Dude, you’re missing the moment

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