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April Weekend in the West

April Weekend in the West

Spring is arriving. It has arrived according to the calendar this past week. It has arrived according to the daily air temps already breaking the70F mark. So, we believe it is a great time for April Weekend in the West, meaning west of North Dakota.

Water temps crawling upwards currently 38.5F. Flows at the winter/spring norm of 2930cfs.

Shop open 8am. Shuttles daily. All kinds of new flies in the bins as well as the full stock of your favorite Missouri River flies and patterns. Come by and stock up for the coming spring and summer.

Cool new stuff from Skwala Fishing with our Staff Favorite Skwala Fusion 3/2 Puffy along with the coolest sun shirt on the market, the Skwala SOL Technical Hoody. 

Also Exclusive to Headhunters of Craig is the weather resistant Hoodie of all-time Mule by SteelyZips. Cannot see these in may retail outlets but you can here in downtown Craig Montana. This is a must have for not only angling but your lifestyle outside of fly fishing. You really gotta see and touch and feel this mid layer piece. A game changer for sure! The Mule is a garment that you will wear all day long as the Rockies deal us lots of differing weather conditions throughout the day.

Nymphers are still on pace with the standard issue flies including the Ninch’s Pill Popper, Tailwater Sow, Zebra’s, Amex, Rainbow Czech, Bubble Yums, Firebead Rays, and a smattering of BWO subsurface patterns like Little Green Machine, Psycho Mays, etc. Come by and see out Euro Nymph fly selection. Best in the canyon for sure. All of the weight along with slender bodied patterns will get the fly to the fish, quickly. 4′ to a spilt or not seeking slow to medium speed waters.

Strippers and Swingers are catching them in slow to medium as well. Tips? Intermediate and a bit beyond if you wish. Shallow waters allow you to target all kinds of structure, not on the banks. Expand your work and get away from the norm. Fish other locales beyond the banks. If you dare. If you’re brave. If you can learn. If…

Best dry fly winter/spring in some time. Griffith’s, Buzzballs, Cluster Midge, Quigley’s Clusters, small Adams, Hi-Vis Midge, Stalcup’s Double Para Midge. Tie off a dropper if you wish. But, you don’t need to. Stay out beyond the bobber  gang and you will have the joint to yourself. Come out after work and enjoy the calm, wind free, sipping trout period.

Izaak’s open Wednesday thru Sunday 4-9pm. Yummy.

Mo River Eats for your daily lunches delivered to Craig daily.

No word on Shotgun Annies. No word on The Wolf in WC. Open, in the lower canyon at Missouri Inn Restaurant Tuesday through Sunday noon-9.

Shop open daily 8am. Have a great Weekend in the West!

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