Attention Swingers and Strippers Mozuri Minnow Video

Attention Swingers and Strippers Mozuri Minnow Video and Tying Kit

Swingers and Strippers are coming in daily. One of the flies that you must have is the Mozuri Minnow.

Created by John Arnold of Scumliner Media and Headhunters Fly Guru this pattern is a something you should tie up before coming. Black Leeches too!

Enjoy this gentle rain ridden Thursday in central Montana. Winter is taking a short break. January is 2/3 beyond us. More winter ahead. Maybe snow again tomorrow.

Yes, the streamer fishing and the swinging is pretty good right now. Although we are closed for this temporary disturbance, we will re-open soon. Tie this up for the Mighty Mo, and enjoy the Mozuri Minnow on your local river too!

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