August Days

Hot, mostly. Smoky, some days now. At least some blue skies this past week. Hooray.

Hoot Owl in effect through who knows. Fishing daily must end at 2pm.

Trico’s in the morning if you have the patience. Hoppers all day long if you like that sort of thing. I know we do!

Drag a Crawfish around with a Zebra chasing it too. That will get some dandy’s.

Light traffic. August. Weeds not terrible at all on the upper reaches. A bit gooey on the lower. Hot, but I mentioned that.

River temps dipped this past week. Maybe some more after the next rain even, forecast for the front end of next week. But, some hot ones until the weather changes.

Flows still low. 3K. Reminds us of the 2000’s. 7 continual years of drought. Let’s hope this one does not stretch out quite that long!

Open daily 530am. Open late til 8.

The 12 month water forecast. Pretty lame in our opinion. Those green lines are brutal.

August Days

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