Autumn Leaves, again

Autumn Leaves, again

Posted several, maybe 4 or 5 versions of this killer jazz standard on this very blog.

This year, Bill Evans, plays Autumn Leaves.

If you like jazz, and standards at that, then it would behove you to give the vast Bill Evans catalog a listen.

Have a great Thursday. I always think of my now deceased logistical manager LT when I hear Bill Evans.

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  • Love Bill Evans. Wish more people would listen to him. He once said he wrote Blue in Green. Credit was given to Miles Davis.

  • An old classic and the bass in this one is killer! Triggers memories of my dad who spoke of treks to a “a few” jazz clubs in Chicago as a youngster in the late 40’s – early 50’s. Thankful he left that city – if not, I wouldn’t be writing this! Do enjoy older jazz.

  • Bill was a treasure. Pure tone and touch on the keys.

  • Bill was great with Paul Chambers and Scott LaFaro. an interpretive master.

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