Autumn Leaves Nat King Cole

Autumn Leaves Nat King Cole

The omnipresent sun and wind have removed many of the Autumn Leaves along the banks of central Montana’s Missouri River.

A normal October cycle. We have had the snow and cold temps at the front end of the month. Followed by the sun, temps in the 60’s and 70’s, and wind. Next week back to seasonable weather patterns. But, you see, all of the weather we have endured this month is normal.

A great October for us is 4 or 5 days of perfect BWO weather. Some of those days came in September 2018. Some years those great October days come in November. We hope there are a few ins tore ahead of us. BWO days. Oh how I love the overcast, calm, 45F, and moist afternoons with those lovely Olives stuck to the surface.

We have enjoyed the past summer! August was “All World”. September not too bad, with fishing becoming more difficult later in the month. October not terrible. Again the front end of the month was our better half.

Folks ask when the best time in October to visit is…I mention that the period is two weeks long. And that we will not know until the month has passed. Hard to predict Mother Nature. Sometimes those two weeks come in September, and others in November. Occasionally they fall in the month of October.

Autumn Leaves is a great Jazz Standard. I hum it all fall long. And sing a few of the lyrics that I know. It reminds me of the summer past, the wonderfully spectacular autumn period, and that the awful winter months are ahead of us. I certainly try to suck up the imagery, taking mental images of the varied fall colors, inhale the smells of decomposing leaves, enjoy the low angle of sun soaking up the remaining warmth that it brings…I try to hold on as long as I can.

Nat King Cole sang it so wonderfully.


I see your lips…with sunburned kisses, the sunburned hand, I used to hold.

Since the went away, the days roll on…and soon I’ll hear ‘ol winters song.


That sums it all up for me. Summer is gone…enjoy the Autumn Leaves folks.

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