Bashin' Trash August 21, 2021

Bashin’ Trash August 21, 2021

Bashin’ Trash August 21, 2021

Want to help keep it clean out here? Yeah, we do too.

Attend, RSVP, this clean-up event August 21st.

Sponsored by SunRiver Watershed Group including all of the water based conservation groups in our region.

I have always said one of the easiest and yet greatest impacts that you can have daily, on any river, trail, FWP parking lot…is to pick up trash. Human decency 101.

Makes a great example for your kids too. They do what you do. So pick it up.

Remember this ad? I sure do. Made a lasting impact on me as a child and has continued though adulthood.

Pick it up. Attend and join the forces with Basin’ the Trash 2021 August 21st.


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  • My Own Party
    August 5, 2021 9:43 am

    I don’t live in the area but would like to help. How do I do that? Can I donate?

  • I remember seeing this commercial as a kid – not sure how much more punishment this great earth can take. The native Americans really did get a raw deal. My Dad used to say there’s no shortage of water …. but only a limited amount of clean water left …. hmmm.

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