Best Time to Fish the Missouri River for Beginners

Best Time to Fish the Missouri River for Beginners

A common question we get here at Headhunters as we book guide trips and lodging for first time or beginner anglers…is When should I come? 

Best Time for Beginners

We here on the Mighty Missouri River in Craig Montana like April and May for the beginning angler. Why? Ease of entry. The Missouri River is considered by many a difficult river to learn. A difficult river to crack the code. It can be. But there is a good time to introduce yourself to this fantastic multi-faceted river.

We like April and May for the beginner angler as the style of fishing is conducive for the beginner or intro angler. We are speaking about the guided novice guest.

Lots of fish coming-out of the winter doldrums with water temperatures heating up making the trout more active as their metabolisms perk right up with longer days, warmer temps, and more insect activity.

Headhunters Guides create an environment for success! The long time career fishing guides we have the pleasure of working with love fishing with beginner anglers. The misconception that guides only like fishing with upper end skill set anglers is false. We love fishing with new fly fishing anglers! It is fun. Success is fun. Witnessing the angler with their first fish on a fly is nearly orgasmic. It certainly is for the angler!

  • The trout are quite hungry in the spring months. Better for fish looking and eating your fly!
  • The line size is such, greater, larger, stronger, that it will not break as easily as the often thin diameter tippet sizes in the summer and fall. So fewer breaks in the tackle. Better opportunity to land the fish.
  • The casting distances in the spring, for the munching set, are quite short. Perfect for the beginner angler. Get that fly outside of the boat and with the help of your fishing guide, your coach, you will find success.
  • The drift while important, does not need to be quite as perfect as it does later in the fishing season. The fish do not snub the fly as often as they do later in the year…when they really have seen it all! For better or worse!
  • A fun time period to be on the Mo! Lots of anglers here knocking the rust off of their fly fishing game. Lots of novice and beginner anglers. So a like minded angling community surrounds you the successful angler!
  • Cheap Guide Prices! $450 spring guide days March 15th thru April 30th. Get you and a buddy to head on out to Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig and begin your own wonderful fly fishing journey!

April and May are the two best months fo the beginning or novice fly fishing angler. Give us a call today 406-235-3447 and let us help you find success this spring on the Mighty Missouri River in Craig Montana!.

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