Birthday Girl on the Elk River BC.

Today is Julie’s Birthday. You can’t wish her well face to face, because she is floating down the Elk River in BC (in the front of the boat, of course), sticking big Cutties on dries. Single dries.

Julie making the right cast (above) and setting the hook into another big one (below).

Julie has been on fire this week, not only catching lots of fish, but lots of big fish. Here she is with our good buddy and longtime Elk River guide Darcy Richardson. They say these fish have shoulders. I would agree. At the top, guide Sebastien Stewart is showing off another big shouldered Cutt that Julie caught.

The Elk is a fabulous fishery, but the scenery is a big part of a fishing trip here. It’s incredible. Plenty of splashy waves to run, here with Darcy on the sticks. Also, it looks like it’s been a while since they’ve been in this spot, but they been in this spot. Julie is fine with the fact that these bear tracks are a little old.

Our trip to Fernie, BC was great from start to finish. Great food as well, including some outstanding Sushi, Indian Food and great unique Mexican street food. Special thanks to Paul, Darcy and Sebastien at the Elk River Guiding Co. who made our trip memorable. These guys get down to the Missouri a bit as well, and you may run into them around the shop.

Speaking of the shop, thanks for all you do to make Headhunters run smooth, Julie.

Happy Birthday!

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