Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project Video

Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project Video

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. A film supporting the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act.

It truly is a special place. The entire drainage. Love seeing our friend Stefan Larrson in this short. Love seeing the beauty of the Blackfoot. We love the smell of the westside. The fishing. The feeling. The entire package.

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We fish across the divide as often as we can get over there. It is just fabulous. Check in with Headhunters if you want to head over to the westside. Mark, John, Brett, Ben, Braden are all interested in helping you discover the Blackfoot.

Sign a letter of support if you want to your kids and their kids to enjoy the Blackfoot River for generations to come!

More snow in the canyon this morning. 6F and another 4 inches last night and this morning. Snowing now. Gonna snow-blow at the shop so we can get around!

Rarely see as much snow on the ground as we have now. It keeps coming. But the amount of snow here and the snow that we have in the mountains are two different things. We want more in the mountains. Here in Craig at 3400′ it really does not make an impact on our summer flows. At all. But it does show that winter and snow accumulation is indeed happening.

Long weekend. Watch conservation videos. Tie flies. Nap. Clean your fly lines. Organize fly boxes. Shovel snow.

Headhunters closing early Sunday for a bowling affair about 1pm.

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  • Don’t forget about Max too. If the conditions on the Blackfoot are right in July, we are going to head across the divide.

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