Blackfoot River Salmon Flies & Fishing Report

Blackfoot River Salmon Flies & Fishing Report

Hey all good across the divide. The Salmon Flies are out in force and the trout don’t want them.

So what to do? Well I’m not really sure other than keep fishing and toss that fly out there and wait for it to happen.

Spoke with Outfitter Kurt Michels, Pat Kane, Kathy of Blackfoot Anglers Fly Shop and Dan about the situation and they all said the dame thing.

The trout are full.

And not much you can do about that. Wait until they are not full and toss a Golden Stone at them is what they said. The bugs came on Sunday and the fish ate them on Sunday I guess?

So that is what we will do. Head back over in a couple days for more action. Angler Kelley Lasek and Mark fished the Blackfoot yesterday amongst hordes of Salmon Flies. 2 takes on the dry fly. Not too hot. But we did not let that stop us from having a ball. Not too much traffic at all and a pleasant day for sure. We nymphed up a few beautiful cutties and a couple whities too.

The sheer number of bugs around in the brush and lining the banks was a sight to see! The biomass of that many bugs has got to feed all of the birds, the fish, and anything else that might want to eat!

Love heading over to the Blackfoot for the trip, for the fish, for the scenic aspect, and to get away from the Mo once in a while. A good thing for sure.

If you are here for a three day stretch you should entertain a trip across the divide for a slice of westside heaven.

The Missouri River Report

All good on this side of the divide too. PMD’s, Caddis, and the dry fly bite continues to be excellent. Not too many dry fly only fellers around yet but that will all change here shortly. They will come from the woodwork.

Flows are stabilizing in the lower 5K range and the water temps are fabulous. A dreamy June is ahead of us. Maybe we can keep some of the water in the system for this June period. We sure like it above the 5K mark and below the 6K level for good dry fly water. These flows give us more water in the 18″-36″ range. Trout love that depth for rising!

Shop open daily from 7am and late til 9pm. Your Missouri River fly shop awakes early with our always free perked coffee. Wi-Fi and cell service on site.


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  • It’s always frustrating when a hatch of any kind is going on and the fish aren’t on them! As you pointed out though, sometimes it’s enough to just be out there and enjoy the show.

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