Buzzball Fly Tying Just Add Vise

Buzzball Fly Tying Just Add Vise

A great fly for the Mo. Squeeky’s favorite summertime app tern.

Been tossing it the past couple weeks. A good time for sure.

It is not red hot, yet. It will be.

No wing profile recognition, no negative reinforcement of the trout. Looks like garbage. The kind of garbage that trout eat. Here, on the Mighty Mo.

Buy this pattern in the shop. We have them in several sizes up to size 18. For baby junk eaters.

Buy this Just Add Vise Tying Kit in store as well. Or online.

Watch the video, then tie the fly. You cannot foul this fly up man. It looks even better if it is tied, un-neatly. Sloppy in fact. Those who tie this fly too neatly, don’t get it.

Fish it with confidence. Created for the junk eaters at Jackson Rock by Gary LaFontaine a couple decades back.

Enjoy your Hump Day. It is the day before The Weeknd starts. Be safe!

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  • Fucking duesch bags

    • Did not think you were still reading the blog Kevin Beck. Remember Kevin, if it makes you angry, you gotta stop bro.’

      And like I mentioned last time…if you are gonna rip on us it comes across with more conviction and validity if you use spell check before sending.

      Have a great 4th of July Kevin. We celebrate folks like you today in America. Those who hide behind their computers and yell at others. Hooray Kevin!

  • Paul Younggren
    July 3, 2019 5:33 pm


    Bad day of fishing? Difference of opinion on which fly to use? Something else? Our group has been fishing with these guys forever. The operation is first class! The guys in the shop are most helpful and willing to make sure you are happy when you leave. The guides are great and we have fished with all of them! They are very eager to get you into fish and keep you into fish. Fly changes can be frequent. I can’t imagine a bad experience?