Caddis Fest '18 Poster Art Contest

Caddis Fest ’18 Poster Art Contest

Caddis Fest ’18 Poster Art Contest

Get those paintbrushes out and create some art of the annual Caddis Fest ’18 Poster Art Contest.

Taking art submissions until April 1st. Send to and/or

Got a few in the bag already with some great art from local painters. It could be anything really. Base your art around a caddis fly, the spring fest, fishing, water, kids…you are in control of your piece.

The Caddis Committee will vote on it April 2nd and get it out to the public representing the Caddis Festival 2018. Then we will auction your art piece at the live auction and split the proceeds with the Craig Volunteer Fire Department.

Last year the art sold for $1600 at auction. The artist takes $800 and the fire department gets $800. A win-win deal there for sure.

Email Mark with any questions. We look forward to seeing some cool stuff from you folks!

Below is a submission from Carroll Jenkins.

Belize Sunset. Carroll Jenkins.
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