Case of the Mondays

Welcome back to the cubicle! Monday morning and we’re all recovering from a busy weekend. The sun came out, and so did all of the Montana anglers who’ve been secluded under a blanket of snow for the last few months. By winter standards, the river was packed. Fishing reports were varied, and frankly we heard a lot of tough fishing stories. Regardless of success, everyone seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and time on the water. Probably the first days of the year for many folks.

Nymphing reports were good if you know where and what to throw. We’re always preaching it this time of year, but “slow-water” was the word. Like not moving. And pay attention. The usual stuff produced, and a boat is really necessary for much of the river. The canyon had some good reports from those who didn’t spend the day in fast water.

Streamer fishing reports I heard were not great, but I think everyone I talked to caught at least some fish. Some two-handed anglers did very well. There were a few stories of fish in fast and shallow water, which I myself experienced on Friday with some explosive hits on a floating line way above “the bucket”. Might be some Rainbows beginning to move into shallow water for reproductive duties.

I spent Sunday fishing with Todd Tanner from Conservation Hawks, the Bigfork, MT based conservation organization whose mission is centered around the effects of climate change and future impacts to sportsmen. We decided to hunt heads while talking conservation, so I don’t have much of a report to give. The stars never aligned (wind, sun, clouds, bugs), but we did see an excellent midge hatch mid-day. All too brief, however. We also swung a fish or two.

Go check out the Conservation Hawks website and get involved. You may also be familiar with films produced by Conservation Hawks, as they’re typically included in the F3T lineup. While you recover from the weekend, hide from your boss and enjoy the most recent flicks from Conservation Hawks.

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