For many anglers springtime means “gear time”. Lots of things on the to-do list. Cleaning lines, tying flies, cleaning out that mess you call a boat bag, and for many it means some new equipment. In March rods are probably the most talked about new item around the shop. Everyone wants one but are you actually going to pull the trigger?

One of the best ways to help talk yourself into it is to cast it. We encourage all prospective buyers to try before they buy, whether out on the water as a demo, or on our 100′ casting range on the side of the shop. On water gives you a chance to fish a rod, and on the grass gives you the opportunity to try several rods and – more importantly – several rod/line combinations quickly.

The casting range has been a busy place lately as customers search for both a new favorite rod and line. Above are a couple of our customers trying out some Sweetgrass bamboo rods with a couple different lines. They were even trying a #4 on a 5 weight rod to speed up the action. Only bamboo aficionados think that way. But it usually works.

Because fishing is usually a mid-day affair this time of year, it gives you a couple hours before or after fishing to try out some new gear. We’ve had customers out on the range trying out the new G Loomis Asquith, the Sage X and Pulse, the Orvis Covert (I think they’re just looking at the super-cool blackout paint job in the sun) and the wonderful Epic Fibergalss rods. And we always encourage you to take at least 2 or 3 different lines out with you.

Yes, we have tons of demo lines as well. Including all the troutspey heads you would ever consider. But you really need to walk over to the bridge and try them out on moving water with the two-hander. Grass Casting won’t tell you much with your spey rod.


And we have been doing a few of our private lessons recently as well. If you would like some one-on-one instruction, sign up at the shop. If you need help with your spey cast, you’ll be forced to spend a couple hours with yours truly. If you want some single handed instruction, Mark will be your instructor. So far the feedback has been great. You really can learn a thing or two in a customized one-on-one situation.

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