Casting Video Straight Rod Tip Path

Casting Video Straight Rod Tip Path

The rod tip path has to be straight.

Convex round rod tip path does not work if you want to improve or move forward in any way in your fly fishing career.

Dropping the rod tip on the fore-cast is never a good idea.

Never. Never ever. It never ever works well. Ever. It is a physics equation, and you folks who are god like…it does not work for you either.

Never. Ever. Never ever.

Enjoy this tip this Sunday.

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  • Another great tip. Thanks Mark for sharing.

  • Thanks, Mark!
    Your video on the reach cast is pure gold. I must have watched it 100 times! I wish you would do more of those “how to’s” on presentation casts.

  • Didn’t Joan Wulff do “this” way back when, 1st ? She has, I think, the BEST Understandable (& proven effective “treatment” wink wink) video series on the subject for beginners and oldies alike, IMHO. I revisit a few now & then via YouTube excerpts. On Presidents Day I just thought to “keep it in the Family,” wink wink again, if you please. Good video none-the-less.

  • Nice visuals for the open and tailing loop. On the ugly loops, the caster knew how to make them by an aggressive forward accelerate then stop. The fix is to still keep hand/wrist moving on a straight path forward but delay the accelerate move a little to about half the stroke – then accelerate and turn the wrist over still stopping rod higher. You get the ugly loop because the rod tip drops on the hammer forward – the harder you hammer, the uglier the tailing loop with the line dropping below the top of the loop all going forward. Delaying the hammer lessens the drop of the rod tip and you have a much better cast. Hope that helps.

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