Christmas Wish Lists Headhunters Gang Pt 2

Christmas Wish Lists Headhunters Gang Pt 2

Sara and Ben and Shane today on the Headhunters Christmas Wish Lists part 2.


  1. Galvan T-4
  2. Hatch Nippers
  3. ECHO TR2 Spey 4113 11’3″ 4wt.
  4. Yeti Rambler 64oz
  5. Yeti Hopper Flip

The Echo is receiving a ton of love. Everybody wants that 4 weight. And why not. A fabulous rod at a remarkable price. Get on board today!


  1. ECHO TR2 TroutSpey 4113 11’3″ 4wt. (2/3 of all HH staff has this on their wish list.)
  2. New Smith Shades
  3. Fishpond Nomad Net
  4. Sushi of the Month Club Gift Card
  5. Saltwater Fly Fishing Trip to the Florida Keys!

The only hold-up with Sara’s request for Sushi of the Month Club is the mail service in Montana. What normally takes 2 days anywhere else on earth can take up to a week or more. Amazon Prime? Yeah, not really a big deal here. Timing is off balance. But, we think that is just ok.


  1. Every flavor of Craft Kreinik made. And some Private Stock as well.
  2. 7wt. Bobblehead.
  3. Yodeling lessons
  4. Cheese Curd of the Month Club
  5. SIMMS DownStream Jacket

The 7wt. Bobblehead will be the biggest seller this year in the shop. Our highest producing square footage in the store.

Call today and get your Gift Card not eh way. We can probably have it to you before the holiday. But let us know today. OR we can just credit his/hers account for the coming year and you can make up some sort of wonderful card for your loved ones.

Enjoy the week ahead. We will here in Craig. IT is gonna warm up for us. Maybe even wet a line?


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