Classic 1939 Rod Manufacturing Video

Classic 1939 Rod Manufacturing Video

Cool vid today not eh HH Blog.

Playoff Football on TV. The Australian Open starts too.

Weather’s the best it has been in at least a week on the river today. Temps well above freezing! Anglers around.

And looks pretty good for the week ahead too.

While the store has been quiet this past week with walk-in traffic the phones have been ringing. A lot. It is the time of year to lock in your dates. The late you wait, the more difficult it becomes. Smart anglers book early.

Check out the vid. Pretty fun to watch. Far more hands touch each fly rod made today. And they are producing higher quality technologically advance products!! We can all appreciate the modern fly rod. And fly lines too!

January. Half way home this month. Winter. Ahh. Hooray.

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