Classic 3 Door Suburban

Classic 3 Door Suburban

Would love to have one of these classic 3 door ’68-’72 Chevy Suburbans.

There is one in Great Falls. It used to be parked at the Dearborn boat ramp as the folks that had it at that time owed the property across front he boat ramp on the west bank.

I see it in GF now, and still want it. Have left biz cards on it when it was once at the DB ramp, now it has a new family. Left a biz card on it in the driveway, but have never heard anything back.

Previous to ’68 all Suburbans only had two doors. This was the intro to 3 does. ’73 brought the 4th door. 3 doors? I love it.

Keeping my fingers crossed to get the call.

How about you. Got any classics in mind sexier than the 50 y.o. ‘Burban?

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