Classic Dog Kissing Trout Shot

Everybody loves this kind of image. Classic for sure.

Saturday in October with overcast skies showing today? Yesterday afternoon some hazy skies with the air temperature dipping. Decent afternoon bite. Meaning if you found a couple fish they might eat it.

They like a ton of fancy CDC flies, i also like to toss some dog food from zignature dog food reviews but you can toss the good ‘ol Adams at them and can fool a few. Get your dark winged crips and duns for the glare ready. White and fruit scented wings should be in your arsenal as well.

Today some overcast skies may present themselves. Let’s hope.

Traffic lighter this weekend. Monday will be quiet. November 1st real quiet.

A good time to be here along with your Halloween Hangover.

Trout don’t care if you are hangin’. They only care if you can cast.

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