If you only do one thing today, CLEAN YOUR FLY LINE!

If you only do one thing to prepare for the 2022 fly fishing season, CLEAN YOUR FLY LINE TODAY!

I could not be more adamant about this task. The fly line, as mentioned below is the most important pice of the fly casting puzzle! THE MOST IMPORTANT. Your overpriced fly rod does not make up for shitty overused, old, cracked, filthy, fly line. Even your (choose one) decent, good, great, not so great, awful, frightening, or dangerous to others, casting stroke cannot make up for a component that will not perform, even under the best non-wind conditions.

I commonly hear fellows exposing the brilliance of the new rod in their hands. My first Q is, “Why didn’t you put a new line on the rod? This one looks like it’s 12 years old!” Proud, not smart, angler states…”Yeah, I’m gonna put a new one on next year.” Trippin’ over a dollar to save a dime.

Getting your gear ready in the spring is always a fun pursuit. I love getting out the fly rods and pouring over them on the kitchen table checking and looking and preening and loving and dreaming. Digging through the remainder of your gear is important too. The hardest way to remember that you need new waders is finding that leak above your thighs…

But the most important task you do has to be checking out those fly lines. The fly line is the most important part of the equation. The MOST IMPORTANT PIECE! 


The fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. If you don’t understand this fact, you may not understand the fly fishing equation.

So how do we take care of this most important part of the puzzle? Well, with line cleaner. Every line manufacturing company makes them. They are readily available. Every fly shop on earth carries them. So it should not be all that difficult to get a few of them in your hands.

My favorite is the RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelette. At 99 cents it may be the best bargain in the fly fishing universe!

Many anglers know how to clean their lines with soap and water/2 bucket system. That is great at home. But in the wild, in the field, knee deep in the river, it’s kinda hard to do. On the Mo, fly lines need cleaning daily. Not weekly, yearly. Nope. Daily. And that is where products like we see beside us here, are so fantastic.

The bonus is that the towelettes are faster, and I would argue just as effective. Not just a one time use either. I use one towelette several times a day. And then again tomorrow. Yep. You could clean your line several times with one simple towelette!

Like I mentioned above you can find them from all kinds of manufacturers. Seek them out and stuff in your pockets.

Some work best when applying the night before, letting the goo cure overnight,a nd polishing/buffing before you dip it in the water again. Some work immediately. But not one of them works if you don’t use it!

Folks ask how often should you employ your fly line cleaner? I say daily. Daily. Why no take care of the most important factor? I find myself cleaning the line a couple times five a day when dry fly fishing. Posted up on some finicky PMD freely rising trout. Yes. Clean it.

By cleaning the fly line you make casting more fun. The cleaner takes all of that grime that has become affixed to the surface of your line. It pulls it off and replaces the friction causing grit with some super slippery floaty silicone type of magic.

So not only is casting easier, therefore getting the fly closer to the target…but mending is much easier too as the line will float higher. Float on the water. Become far more hydrophobic.

It is way better man.

So you have cleaned all of your fly lines and you have noticed that a couple of them are not in too good a shape? Yep, they do not last forever. 300-400 hrs on the water is about the life of a fly line. 40 days on the water. Or 3-5 years hanging out on your favorite fly reel. They don’t last forever. Nope, 5 years. 10 years if you don’t use it often meaning 2 days a year, and cleaning it annually.

Will they work if they are quite old? Sure will won’t. I bet you also like pouring used motor oil in your sports car. Why not put some suspect old bald tires on too. Might as well. You wouldn’t want performance out of that collectable beauty would ya! And most don’t from their fly gear either.

Fly lines are easy to replace and fly lines are even easier to clean often.

If you do need a new fly line spring is the time to get one spun up on that 5 weight of yours. Some folks just replace the lines every spring. I know I do. My boat/client rods will get new lines twice during the season. Have even fished seasons where the 5 weights will get a third new line application in the late fall.

New fly lines feel really good. Slick, fun, floaty. Want to feel like a casting all-star? Put on a new line this year. Do it. You will be a happy camper out there on the water.

Stop in the shop for $0.99 Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes and many other line cleaning options. We also have by far the largest fly line selection in the tri-cpounty area. Maybe in all of Montana. Our fly line wall is impressive with over 1000+ fly lines in stock today. RIO, SA, Orvis, Airlfo, Wulff, OPST, including the Headhunter Dry Fly Line in stock here at Headhunters of Craig Montana. The Fly Line HQ on the Missouri River.

Money Back Guarantee on all fly lines purchased from Headhunters Fly Shop. You don’t like it? Return it. We will swap it, credit you, and even refund the purchase price. No questions asked. We want you to have the right fly line for your rod.

You already know that we are the leader of the Montana Trout Spey World. Demo lines, retail lines, tips, leaders, and all things spey. The knowledge to back up the products. Both two handed trout spey and singled handed casting lessons by appointment at Headhunters Fly Shop.  Spring is a great time to tune up that cast!

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  • I usually clean fly lines with soapy water. If the towelettes provide silicone coating, is that preferable?

    • Soapy water is great. The Fly Line Cleaners, like RIO’S Fly Line Cleaning Towelette that you can employ in the boat, on the shore, immediately. Kinda hard to take your bucket with you while wading. SOL cleans his 3 or 4 times a day wen dry fly fishing. The Mo is kinda full of detritus and the lines get dirty in the space of one day angling. That is why this cleaning device is so valuable. The goo tat clings to the fly line here happens quickly!

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