Clouser Crayfish Tying Video

Clouser Crayfish Tying Video

August nymphing requires lots of patience, potential weeds crowding your fly, and the Clouser Crayfish. Or a Zirdle.

A top fly for many nymphers this time of year. Add a split shot or not. Many let it ride as you drift over waving grass and bucket filled moving waters. The takes can be violent. Sometimes looks like the fish ate going 100 mph! The bobber certainly moves.

Six feet! If you cannot se the Indi move that far, fly fishing may not be your game?

One of our favorite “big nymphs” here on the Missouri, and it’s popular for bass and trout other places as well. We’ve put together this Clouser Crayfish fly tying kit with everything you need to tie 2 dozen flies. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Enjoy your Thursday. Seasonal temps here today with daytime highs in the mid 70’s. Warmer again as we move into next week.

Order your Clouser Crayfish today!


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