Coming home is so very sweet!

Coming home is so very sweet!

Coming home is so very sweet!

Out of town for a spell and returned home yesterday. Spent the time away in sunny Hawaii. Pretty nice and quite entertaining.

Fished with my bro’ Marty Thomas, my wife Danielle, and Mike Hennessey. Mike has been fishing the flats of Oahu for some time and certainly showed us the fish! Marty nor myself brought one of those giants to hand. Marty had one look at his fly, I spooked several by crashing my fly on top of their heads, while Danielle heckled us along the way.

Loved wade fishing in knee deep salt waters looking for waving tails. Lots of fun.

Enjoyed seeing Hawaii for the first time snorkeling, whale watching, touristing, and eating plate lunch. Tons of fresh fish too.

Getting away always makes coming home ohhh so sweet. Montana is a very nice place to spend 98% of our time. John, Julie, and the rest of the gang likes to travel as well but we all appreciate living here near Montana’s Missouri River. It is a real privilege.

Windy today and not too warm. Actually quite nasty today. The forecast ahead of us looks like we may be able to squeak a few days on the water this week ahead of us. And I will be taking advantage of that. Had dreams of swinging the fly last night.

Weekly Weather Montana

Not terrible. Nope. Been reading the fishing reports from John and it has got me stoked. So many winters here on the Mo leave us trapped inside the house. Last winter was one of them. This winter we have had lots of killer fishing opportunities. And I am one to grab those chances and cast!

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