Common Casting Mistakes: Slack Line, 5 Essentials, Quick Video

Common Casting Mistakes: Slack Line, 5 Essentials, Quick Video

We see this one executed quite often from not only novice casters and anglers, but surprisingly from seasoned anglers too.

Leaving slack line in the casting equation does not ever help the efficiency of a fly cast. Never.

Strip in line until the other end, the end with the fly on it, the operable end, moves. Pretty simple.

Many start with the rod tip too high. Then try to whip it hard, magically making up the 6’+ of slack hanging off the rod tip. Watch the video.

Best 1 minute 42 seconds of my day.

Check out Carl McNeil here and the 5 Essentials Videos.

Casting becomes much simpler, easier, wonderful, if you remove slack from he eating equation. May be one of the top two longstanding mistakes that unfortunately many casters, never address. Ever. Many, if not most,  try to cheat the system, skip step one. Every time, every cast.

Hard to be good at anything, any sport, anything in life, if you skip step 1. The importance of this step, step 1 cannot be overlooked.

Do not skip step 1.


Slack line presentations? Yes. Casts starting with slack line? No.

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  • Too much wrist break has to be a close # 2 – creating big rod tip arc path and wide open loops ….. just adds to the slack line misery. A tough one for newbies to solve it seems.

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