Darrell, Carla, and Barley

Darrell, Carla, and Barley

Darrell, Carla, and Barley stayed in our Brown Trout Cabin this past week over their anniversary while they fished the Missouri River.

We love getting the chance to share our knowledge of the river with awesome folks like Darrell and Carla (and dog treats with cool dogs like Barley). We hope to see the three of you again!

After departing, Darrell sent us the nice message that is posted below. The photographs in this post are his.

Darrell says:

We’ve been trying to take a trip to a new place to fish every year.  Something we can drive to. We haven’t been everywhere, but we found something special up there & you guys were a huge part of that.

Thursday Fishing Report straight outta Craig MT
Thursday Fishing Report straight outta Craig MT
Love the vibe, the care you guys take of every client.  Man, woman, doggies, regulars, people who’ve never fished, to outta town wyo-dbags like us.  I really enjoy going to new rivers & spending enough time there to kinda figure out how to stick a couple. With the help of all of you at HH the mission was an enormous success.
Barley hamming it up in the boat.
Had a blast rowing my best friend around for 5 days over our anniversary & watching her absolutely KILLIT! (She did row a bit for me & I managed to snag one here & there as well.)
Carla with another nice brown!
So thank you everyone at HH.  Thank you Braden, Nick, Patrick, Sara, Mark, Ninch, Marty & everyone else we met & have forgotten. Thanks for the info, tips & most of all sharing your amazing river with us.  Can’t wait to see you again soon.
Thanks again,
Barley, Carla & Darrell
High Water on the Missouri River!
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