Dearborn Boat Ramp Work

Dearborn Boat Ramp Work

Dearborn Boat Ramp Work

Some work going on at the only county owned boat ramp on our river.

This Wednesday at noon-ish. Will update tomorrow or tonight when we see what has happened.

We believe that it is already finished and we will return to business as usual. Don’t know where they put those big rocks though!

The water is high. The fishing is inconsistent. But yesterday fished quite well. A better bite throughout the river corridor that the previous day. Some days they don’t bite as well. They are wild animals, and cannot be trained.

They can’t.

A warm weekend ahead of here in Craig Montana. Will the water rise again? I suspect it will.

Call us if you need any help, a Spring Special guide @ 400/day for the remainder of the month, a shuttle, or stop in if you need help figuring out the high(er) water game here fishing Montana’s Missouri River.

Not too much color coming from the Dearborn River either. That may change this weekend as well.


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