Dearborn River News

Dearborn River News

Dearborn River News today on the HH Blog.

  • Dearborn River open for fishing 3rd Saturday in May. No fishing until then. CLOSED until May 15th.
  • Dearborn River Shuttles offered by Headhunters Fly Shop daily. Kayakers, rafters float the river for pleasure. We will shuttle your rig if fishing or not! This service is for anyone, and everyone.
  • Dearborn River Shuttle HWY 287 to Mid Canon @ Missouri River – $75
  • Dearborn River Shuttle HWY 200 to Mid Canon – $100
  • Dearborn River Shuttle Bean Lake to Mid Canon -$100
  • USGS Dearborn River Gauge
  • Headhunters Dearborn River Hotline 406-235-3447


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