Don’t Let Me Down

Don’t Let Me Down

13K today.

Will we see dry fly flows this coming week?

Oh, don’t hold your breath. And, Don’t Let Me Down.

While we like the wonderful flows in the 5-6K range for the ultimate in dry fly angling, it is strange to see the water drop. The green hillsides, the mosquito’s, the creative fishing techniques, and the daily loss of flies. We will be sorry to see that go.

The high water brings life. It brings fat trout. It brings the lifejackets out. It creates conversation. It cleanses the river. It brings spring entertainment after a long and cold winter.

I’ve posted this vid before, I think. And if I have, so very sorry. Watch it again. The Beatles were certainly cool. Don’t Bring Me Down is a great tune.

Enjoy your Saturday. Look for the June Fly Fishing Forecast on Monday.

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