Double Spey Cast

Double Spey Cast

A quiet day on the river.

Double Spey Cast River Right Downstream Wind today on the Headhunters Blog.

Somedays we take a slight break. Today is one of those days.

The ugly part of late season for outfitters is putting together the paperwork for the Board of Outfitters and ramming all of the receipts into Quickbooks.

It’s not as fun as fishing. That part is fun. And engaging. And instructional. And mentally important.

We’re still out there guiding. And fishing ourselves. Swinging.

Remember that we have private casting lessons and Trout Spey Guide Trips this fall moving into winter. 4 Seasons here at Headhunters of Craig.

Headhunters is Montana’s Trout Spey Education Center. Look us up with any needs you may encounter. Open daily 8-6

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