Double Spey River Right Video

Double Spey River Right Video

A quick video today on this Sunday previous to our big Trout Spey Camp beginning this Thursday.

Funtimes ahead. The spey bite has been good with streamers primarily followed by the soft hackle. Seconded. Not attached.

The bite is improving. The water levels have dropped a bit. The water temps continue to decrease. The leaves are falling after the snow and sold snap this past weekend. We are having a ball on the Mo.

Look us up if you are heading out in the next two months. We love October and November. Great streamer and swing months. Great dry fly and nymph months. Great months!

Have a fun and family filled Sunday. We’ll be busy prepping here in Downton Craig embracing full fall-dom!

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  • FlyFinaticLou
    October 6, 2019 10:52 am

    Geez, with videos like this, who needs a spey clinic? Kidding. SO, Oct. & Nov., but what about Early 2020 for the same streamer & swing thing? March / April or April / May? I ask cause trying to make plans for next years adventures.
    ALSO, the ever changing weather may make it tough for folks (Me) to get from Missoula to Craig come Wednesday? No problem getting to Missoula from Spokane on Monday, but the predicted up to 6″ in the Valley Tuesday night + a couple more Wednesday Morning – UGH ! Hope the highway dept. does a good job clearing the I-90 & I-15. Was gonna take Hwy. 200 from Missoula, but now concerned about the snow!? Keep the coffee Fresh & Hot on Wednesday afternoon – I (we attendees) may need it.

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