Do Drift Boat Anglers need Waders?

Do Drift Boat Anglers need Waders?

Do Drift Boat Anglers need Waders?

In the past few years most of the Headhunters Guides have gone this route when they can. Sans waders.

Of course we wear waders many, many days throughout the season. But if you are going to spend most of the day in the boat, and not enjoy the vast wade fishing opportunities of the Missouri River, you may opt for a different type of weather protection.

SIMMS ProDry Bib
SIMMS ProDry Bib

Rain pants, rain jackets, and now the SIMMS Pro Dry Suit have made it easier to achieve full on comfort from the boat. It started with the rain pant. Many of us had them stowed for those summer thunderstorms that rip though the region in July. Dig them out, pull them on and wait for the deluge to pass by. Then rip them off and continue your dry fly pursuit.

The evolution of the rain paint along with the matching top has gotten the attention of not only the Bass fishing crowd but the trout gang as well. Our local SIMMS rep noticed a few years ago that not many of the HH guides were rocking the wader all 12 months. He was right. Muck boots, rain pants, and a SIMMS G3 Jacket was the uniform for many local fishing professionals.

Then came the migration of the Missouri River fishing guest. Locals are found wearing just this very outfit. Comfy knee high boots with fleece pants under any number of rain pants offered by SIMMS. The full zip Hyalite Rain Pant is the easy choice coming in at $129.00. Couple that with the Hyalite Rain Shell and you are good for anything that Mother Nature can throw at you!

While waders have come a long ways in the comfort arena they are still no match for the downright ease of use of the rain suit.

Another option is the SIMMS ProDry Jacket and Bib. Many of the HH Guides have gone this route. Full on protection and comfort wrapped into one Rainproof Kit. You will spend for this option. The Ultimate in Comfort is defined by the ProDry Jacket and Bib.

You can pair any of the SIMMS Rain Jackets with your pant of choice. Whether it be your G3 or G4 or your ProDry Jacket, Hyalite, or Slick…they all match well with the lower body accompaniment.

HEADHUNTERS SAYS: The ultimate in weatherproof lower body gear, the Simms ProDry bibs are replacing waders here on the Missouri River. Most guides are beginning to roll these with Muck boots during that early season fishing season. We’re often dealing with nasty weather, but rarely getting out of the boat to wade fish. The jet boats guides in the region are also fans of the ProDry bibs (actually the entire “kit” with including the jacket). And if you’re the type who just as likely to be found on a Salmon boat in the Puget Sound as in a drift boat in Montana, this is the perfect fowl weather protection. Ask our guide staff.

Contender Bib
SIMMS Contender Bib

If you want something that still includes 3 layer Gore-Tex you may want to think about the SIMMS Contender Bib. Coming in at $299 it is $150 cheaper than the ProDry Bib. Not as many bells and whistles but still a strong piece for your winter ice fishing expect ion, snowmobiling, or shoveling your driveway. It also keeps the rain off of you during those freak summer thunderstorms that frequent so many Montana fishing journeys!

We carry the SIMMS Contender bib as well. In stock all sizing.

Waders are still the most common boat piece we see here in Craig but the rain pant style is coming on rapidly. Why not stay comfortable all day long if you are the type to stay in the boat, for the most part? We have sure enjoyed the freedom and non-constraining nature of the Muck Boot, rain pant or bib, in conjunction with a top notch rain jacket here on the Mo.

Come in and see our vast selection of SIMMS products here in Craig. The only full line SIMMS dealer on the banks of Montana’s Missouri River. Anything from rain jackets, bibs, rain pants, hats, waterproof gloves, logo’s Headhunters Shirts, sun protection, accessories and even the only waders made in the USA!…we got it all in Craig.

Why not start the spring out with your new style, the ultimate in comfort, and stay dry the whole time!

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