Drought Conditions Exist. Do your rain dance daily!

Drought Conditions Exist. Do your rain dance daily!

Exceptional Drought Conditions Exist.

Not a great forecast for the future. Nope. Unless, unless you continue to rain dance daily. Or at least after a few Tom and Jerry drinks this holiday season.

Low water conditions exist. Be careful out there. Watch. look, and understand where you walk when the water is this low. Below 3K cfs.

The common question we get at the Mothership here in Craig is “What will happen if the low water conditions continue?” The answer? We do know that 2001-2007 were all low water years. 2002-2004 the water never reached above the 3200cfs mark. Yep. 3 consecutive years with water levels and conditions like we see right now. And 2008-2011 presented high water years will the high flows nearing 30Kcfs on a couple of them. The highs and lows of Mother Nature.

What happened after both of those events? Mother Mo is resilient. Mother Nature is the our keeper. It is all good.

While we want more water, we will continue to execute the daly rain dances, before or after a couple toddy’s!

But until the rains and snows come we will respect the river, watch where our feet land, and look for the magic in these hallowed waters!

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